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20 Cents Or RM1,30 Per Day To Cover Up Scandals of BN by: Nash Ar-Rawy

20 Cents Or RM1.30 per day To Cover Up Scandals of BN by Nash Ar-Rawy
Thanked God the rakyat are getting RM500/- for a family and students RM100/- both being One-Off for the 13 General Election is just at the corner probably after Chinese New Year i.e On Febuary or March 2012.
Penang Government has given RM100/- to old folks ( warga emas ) for every month long time ago not like Umno giving the Electoral Sweets RM500/- one-off only obviously not every month as Penang Government is . Which one is for the people from the people’s money and which one is for this year only ‘ONE-OFF” merely to vow for the 13th General Election next year.Nowadays. electorates are Cyber Electorates getting to know the latest scandals of Umno/BN at their finger tips pressing the keyboard as keyboard electorates.
What is the price of our electorates. Don’t make them as fools as in the 60’s being deceived with the electric posts, red earth and supplies of canned sardines, packets of rice , tins of condensed milk etc .; at the eve of General Elections. Is this the price of the electorates to cover –up all the scandals that they have done . The latest being Sharizat’s NFC Scandals worth allocation of RM250 Millions ; abusing the people’s money from EPF for personal use and expenditures entering cows in the Condominiums worth RM9.8 Millions. Cows reared in air-con now; going up on lifts to shit ; real bulshits of Umno/BN scandals deceiving the rakyat with RM 1.30 a day or 20 CENTS per day ( 5yrs / I yr – One- Off Only ) . Syarizat must resign and her family assets derived from the cow/bulshit NFC must be forfeited by the government now to save the rakyat money !.
Umno / BN is a party to produce selected handful rich Malays , rich , Chinese and rich Indians getting richer and richer .Whereas poor Malays in the kampongs. poor Chinese selling vegetables and poor Indians in the estates are getting tight and chocked with the high costs of things , petroleum and taxes imposed on them .
Who is Liong Sek , son and cronies , Umno ; in the Port Kelang Free Zone (PKFZ} ‘s Scandals worth millions of Ringgit Malaysia. KD Atantuya ‘s scandals worth RM500 Millions commissions. Who is Najib’s wife just a ring worth RM24 Millions , Najib’s son shares etc, Where is Samy and MIC housing schemes scandals and what not. In BN rule ; scandals after scandals taking the Prime Agenda for the leaders and their sychopants. Leaders First Rakyat Last with “ One-Off Electoral Sweets” then GST will come in to cover-up the sweets if they still win and sure the price of oil will go up as usual being the tradition of Umno/BN dirty strategies deceiving ‘Melayu Tipu Melayu” business !. Because of Melayu ; Syarizat not dismissed . PAS with Islam go for justice to all regardless of race . Because Islam rises with Malays and Muslims as well . Malay racism kills the nation and creates disharmony and racial sentiments endangering the country but not Islam for all races , peace and justice for all as “ rahmatan lil alamin “ ( a blesseth to the whole world ).
RM100/- One- Off for the students is just a joke because if for just a 3 year Diploma Course ; it takes six semesters and each semester will have to top up RM300 to RM400 because the loan is not enough which is exclusive of lodging and food .If corporates are given millions of dollars , allocated to them . Why is it that education is not given free from kindergarten till tertiary education to all. Umno has betrayed the constitution by withdrawing scholarships to the Bumi and withdrawn the National Language in the subjects for science and maths forcing English Language as its medium of instructions are margining the gap of rural students compared to urban students who are well equipped with the tuitions and keyboard cyber access.
Our revenues inclusive of oil/Petronas has been abused and misused for the greeds of Umno leaders and cronies. The National Debts is now exceeding the National Revenues by 100 percent and if Umno/BN rules again with these corrupted patterns . The country will go bankruptcy with the government over-spent due to corruptions as told by the Auditor General and we believed that the National Debts could go to twice or trice our National Revenues . Are we to wait for bankruptcy then only send Pakatan to Putrajaya . Save the nation now not later before it’s too late to do anything . What is the different between Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya , Marcos of Phillippines and Suharto of Indonesia . They were all culprits , corrrupted , abuse of power and became rich out of the expense of the rakyat . Najib and Umno/BN need not to be toppled as what happened to them . It’s just through the ballot paper ; we could dethrone Najib, Umno and BN in ther next coming 13th General Election for good. Provided that the eight demands of BERSIH is fulfilled or awaitng for BERSIH 3.0 as seconded by Mat Sabu , PAS Deputy President!
Umno/BN fears PAS PKR DAP’s unity for a change to substitute Umno, MCA , and Gerakan . PAS and DAP are not traitors to Islam and Malays . Look at the excellent zero corruption as recognized by Transparency International for the governments of Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor with a Surplus Budget!. Send them to Putrajaya Now ! It’s a bulshit as TGHH PAS president said for DAP to rule Malaysia because Chinese prominent constituencies are only 40 out of 220 parliamentary seats. But Umno betrayed by donating 13 seats Malay prominent constituencies to BN in the constituencies amendments by Mahathir to ensure PAS loses . But by the grace of God Chinese and Indians now are turning to PAS instead ! And Guan Eng said Malay as the core of Malaysia Politics : Malay must be the Premier and Deputy Premier inclusive of chief Ministers exept for Penang . But Umno is bulshitting the Malays because people know that Umno is actually the traitors of the Malays and Islam . Who withdrawn the allocations for Private Religious Schools ( SAR) ? UMNO not DAP or PAS , DAP instead allocated Millons of dollars to SAR and Islamic projects in Penang. And contracts given to those who are qualified not because of political backing or race as Umno does ( cronies )and Malays are getting more instead
Remember , PAS is a non-racist party because Islamic based where about 20,000 non-muslims/ non-Malays are now members of PAS SUPPORTERS WING . Which is, at par with Youth, Women and Ulamak Wings Headed by Mursyidul Am TGNA as the highest post in PAS i.e Ulamak Consensus Council ; superceeds the President . Whereas in Umno , the ulamak is bureaued as the President subordinate. Where is Islam in Umno : against Hudud which is only meant for moslems only and rule the country with autocratic rule; Law of the jungle and undemocratic primitive Peaceful Assembly Act which is against the principles of Islam and natural justice . Like wise, DAP and PKR are no racist but based on Universal Justice as PAS is . Whereas Umno, MIC and MCA are racial based and Umno now is Ultra Malay Chauvinism which is against their rhetoric of One Malaysia which is only meant for ONE CRONY ONLY as shown by sharizat and PKFZ!.VOTE FOR PAS PKR DAP in PAKATAN RAKYAT! DETHROWN UMNO/BN NOW! FOR GOOD! GOD IS THE GREATEST! ! FOR : www.malaysiatimes.my FROM: www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com
By: Nash Ar-Rawy/09.12.11

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Umno's Mockery Of Hudud Law by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Umno’s Mockery Of Hudud Law By: Nash Ar-Rawy
Hudud Law is only meant for the muslims. But Umno makes it a mockery by saying that there will be chaos in this country if Hudud Law is being implemented because Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi- religion country.
Whereas Hudud Law has got nothing to do with the non –muslims since they could easily opt to the present British Colonial Common Law or Civil Law for that matter. Which is not even a Chinese, or an Indian Law or even a Christian, Hindu or Buddhist Laws in reality.
Being a democratic country , Hudud Law i.e. The Syariah Criminal Enactment 11 was passed by the Kelantan State Assembly in 1993 and The Syariah Criminal Enactment was passed by the Terengganu State Assembly in 2003 respectively. This is in accordance with the procedures of democracy engaged by PAS in its Islamic political course and plights which is contradicted with the speeches of Umno leaders right from Tunku till Najib. Such as Hudud will stop development and not all Muslim States implement Hudud. Making it a plain mockery and a criminal defamations toward God as The Absolute Law Giver , Islam and the muslims at large.
Umno says, “ Hudud in Kelantan and Terengganu is PAS’s Hudud” and where is Umno’s Hudud? . Umno says, “ Hudud is in the Qur’an “ but any lay man for that matter (not law-man) will tell Hudud in the Al-qur’an and the Al –Hadis ( Traditions of the prophet ) must be legalized first in the State Assembly and in the parliament as such Umno is the blockate of Hudud Law all these while by sending a letter of threat to the Kelantan Government not to implement Hudud. Thus, Hudud had been a mockery of Umno.
When Mahathir said,” Why TGNA not implementing it when he’s no more the PM “ has proven that he had bulshited all the yes man leaders and followers of Umno that Umno is the biggest Islamic party in Malaysia but he himself makes Hudud a mockery and played escapism whereas Hudud is the responsibility of all muslims to practice it as to the 5 time prayer , pilgrimage, zakat and fasting as obligatory practices as ordained in the Qur’an.
Any where we go in the world , one will never find a Buddhist Court, a Hindu Court , a Christian Court or a Judaism Court for that matter . But for the muslims there’s such religious court known as The Syariah Criminal Law pertaining to i) Hudud Law i.e. i) Syariqah( burglary), ii) Hirabah( Arms Robbery ), iii) Syurb( Intoxicants), iv) Adultery, v) Qozaf( Accussations of adultery and Sodomy without four eye-witnessses ) and vi) Apostacy which is only meant for the followers of Islam i.e. Muslims . Even the Medina Charter of the prophet First Benevolent Government in Islam did not abide the Jews , Christians and pagans to follow ii) Qisos ( Batteries and causes of injuries ) and iii) Taazir ( Judge verdict not beyond Hudud punishment which is not in Hudud or Qisos ) such as drugs crime which is not supposed to be hanged right away as in the present Civil Law or pardoned a hang sentence except for the benefacaries consent with a certain amount of compensations agreed upon by both parties.
The idea of Hudud is to protect the muslims i) Faith, ii) healthy and sober mind iii) lives from being raped or murdered , iv) genuine and clean siblings and v) protect the property . Thus Islamic Law is not to punish but to educate the people and their sins being pardoned if they were to be sincere . acceptable and surrender to God in return they are free from the sins committed in the hereafter. An Islamic System of a Benevolent Government is not merely in this world ( unlike Umno until 2020) but until the hereafter as our future and eternal world or the actual permanent state we are heading to.
But Umno’s hudud mockeries have created fear amongst the muslims themselves condemning without understanding . But with PAS out-reaching of the true teachings of Islam right from its first President Tuan Hj Fuad 60 years ago i.e. in 1951 PAS was formed in Butterworth That was when The Ulamaks left Umno and formed PAS for they didn’t agree with gamblings approved by Umno till now which is different from Kelantan.
PAS leadership was then taken by a modern time ulamak who wrote the book on “ Symposium Tasauf “ was well respected of his depth religious knowledge who was also the first Malay Doctor in Homeopathy medicine i.e. Professor Doctor Burhanuddin Al Helmy and his Deputy , Professor Doctor Zulkifly Muhammad. Prof. Dr. Burhanuddin once was invited for an international meeting known as The Asia-Africa Conference for the first time held ; where he was the only one representing Asia and Malaya and South East Asia for that matter as one of the masses freedom fighters leader against colonizations and imperialism
Now after 60 years , there are many professionals, doctors, engineers, lawyers, lecturers, professors, and ulamaks as well hand in hand in PAS plights for a Benevolent State . Ulamaks and Professionals as ONE entity which attracted the non –muslims as well to join in a universal course of non-racist , primordial , clean, just and fair to everybody regardless of race and religion . As a matter a fact unexpectedly PAS has formed a new wing called “ PAS SUPPORTERS WING which was once given a hint by Prof. Dr. Zulkifly Muhammad and now became a reality comprised of about 20,000 non-muslims; PAS Benevolent State of Kelantan being its model of a good governance , zero –corruptions recognized by International bodies such as Transparency International
Suprisingly, unlike Umno ‘s drama with MCA and Gerakan Hudud’s Mockeries. Where Umno did not revoke Terengganu Hudud under Umno rule now and MCA and Gerakan did not withdraw from BN as for the Syariah Criminal Enactment in Terengganu being accepted by them since 2003. Whereas DAP and PKR and PAKATAN acknowledged the Hudud Law approved in Kelantan and Terengganu prior to the formation of Pakatan Rakyat. Congratulations Pakatan ! killed Umno stratagies stabbing itself for good ! Promote Orange Book and Pakatan Rakyat Common Policy Platform for a New Malaysia !
In the matter of DAP , PKR and PAS interpretations of the Civil Criminal Law, Federal Constitution and the Syariah Criminal Enactment in particular to be implemented in Kelantan; have plenty of rooms to be discussed with .With the acknowledgement of Pakatan towards Hudud in Kelantan and Trengganu . It could be proceeded fairly through a “ Constitution Court” yet to be formed in considering that Religion Is within the absolute power of the Sultans and States without Sultans is the Agong. And Islam is the official religion of Malaysia in its real meaning not secularized i.e. Islam as i) “ Ad-deen Waddaulah and ii) Ad-deen wa syariah “ promoting A Benevolent Islamic System of Good Governance and just to all and other religions are free to practice there to.
With all due respect to all the non-muslims as a whole and PAS SUPPORTERS WING , DAP and PKR. PAS will never enforced the Hudud Law towards the non-muslims as ordained in the Holy Qur’an “ La iqra hafiddeen “ ( There is no compulsion in religion) i.e. upon the non-muslims but only to the muslims being made obligatory as practicing their faith .Thus, The Islamic System is fair to everybody regardless of Religion and Race for it is performed with the spirit of : Rahmatan Lil “Alameen” ( A blesseth From God To the Whole World ) . “ Selamat Menyambut 60 Tahun PAS “ Syabbas!!!
By: Nash Ar-Rawy /1.10.11 TO: www.malaysiatimes.my
FROM: www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com

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Incidentally, the Jalur Gemilang (leaving out its several minor modifications following the merger of Malaya with Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore, and the subsequent expulsion of Singapore) was – NOW GET THIS – approved by King George VI on 19 May 1950.

And you can bet George VI certainly wasn't the Sultan of Bolehland.

For those who still don’t believe Malaya was a British colony (de facto or otherwise), eat that fact.

The Malayan/Malaysian flag was designed by Mohamad Hamzah who was said to have borrowed and then modified the design from the flag of the British East India Company, a rapacious trading organization.

Even the name Jalur Gemilang came only into being in 1997 when then-PM Dr Mahathir picked it from a list of proposed names for the flag. Wasn't that naming a change in itself?

Manoharan has been absolutely correct in calling for the redesign of our national flag. Let’s follow the Canadian example, but most of all let’s get rid of any association with the British colonial empire, King George VI and the terrible British East India Company.

As for the low brow ethnic pseudo-warrior, who accused Manoharan’s proposal as likely to lead to changes to the Constitution, let me remind that beetle the Constitution has been changed a couple of hundred times already, by his

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Why Kay Kim Ramlah Auta Kling, Mahathir Set Free ? by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Why Kay Kim Ramlah Auta Kling Mahathir were set free? By: Nash Ar-Rawy
Why Kay Kim, Ramlah, Auta Kling and Mahathir were set free after denounced the Independence of Malaya? But Mat Sabu instead was prosecuted in court whereas Sabu could just be invited for a free academic debates on the issue of the British Colonization of Malaya and the Bukit Kepong British Colonizer Police Force and Mat Indera the Freedom Fighter of Malaya ! As to Tok Janggut who was also caught , jailed and hanged by the British Colonizer. !
Thus, the abolishment of the ISA is only a mockery of Najib and the ruling party Umno/Bn. A distorted history no matter from whom must be settled in an open academic debate. Court is not the right place to subdue Sabu ‘s enlightenments of our genuine and authentic historical facts, especially pertaining to the genuine LEFTIST FREEDOM FIGHTERS! who were the PIONEERS LIBERATION FRONT OF MALAYA MERDEKA !
By not giving Mat Sabu the chance to clarify his statement on the Bukit Kepong incident on TV and the Umno’s pro news papers had proven that the government owned TV ( actually the Rakyat’s Electronic Media ) are Umno Owned and one sided and there is no freedom of press whatsoever .There was no clarity on Sabu’s behalf on TV. Where is democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of press and talks about transformation? It’s actually the same Umno and the same autocratic policies because Umno could not change only the people could change to a new ruling party i.e Pakatan.
Sabu court case has proven that Najib talks lies about transformations and democracy. He had also made a big blunder by not allowing Bersih 2.0 to use the stadium violating his own promises and the Agong. 6% prepaid condemning Telco’s whereas it was tabled by him( bulshit PM ) in the parliament. Who will trust a liar as the PM ? This is the true face of Umno and Najib’s flip-flop lies!
Two new acts in replacement of the present ISA is a plain mockery and the latest strategy of Umno to complete “The Tradition Of Deceiving The Masses” It’s in actuality “Corporates First Masses Last” when subsidizations for the masses had been withdrawn and RM 19 Billion have been allocated to the Corporates.
The PM of Bangladesh admitted that the Bangla workers in Malaysia were given the PR status and rights to vote i.e. Umno as sworned. But later the website content was erased. Pas youth kayat said minimum 10,000 phantom voters were traced with cloned IC’s. But later the official website of EC and NRD have been erased within 24 hrs. What a mockery of EC and NRD an act of treachery and distrust to the Malaysians with a FAKE ELECTORAL ROLL! Becoming the subordinates of Umno for a fake victory !
Why is it that the Directors of EC, NRD and Immigration Department not taken to court by AG? And why there was no “RCI”( Royal Commission Of Investigation ) on the mockeries of the ruling party( Umno ) abetments and distrust.
Tunku proclaimed Independence of Malaya. Mahathir and Auta Kling said Malaya was not colonized but just being a Colonial Protectorate! If Tunku were living ,will the Umno government take him to court for ‘defaming ‘ the British Rule! And our independence. Chin Peng murdered the British High Commission to Malaya i.e Henry Gurney whom in actually was the British Premier of Malaya since according to the Pangkor Treaty the Sultans were overpowered by the King of England and became the subordinates of the British Rule; could only touch the matters on the Malay Customs and Religion. Meaning, the wealth of Malaya and it’s sovereignty belonged to the British Colonizer using the British Malaya Currency ( British Money ) in North Borneo, Brunei , Malaya and Singapore in the later stage.
Mat indera and Tok Janggut who were caught by the British Police were Malays and Muslims. The freedom fighters were jailed and hanged. Now Umno follows the British Rule ( Neo- Colonization ) bringing those who support the freedom fighters such as Mat Sabu charged in court. Whereas Mat Indera was considered as one of Johore’s heroes in a book prefaced by CM Ghani who swallowed his words later.
Professor Doctor Burhanuddin El Helmy ( PKMM ), Boestamam ( API ), Pak Sako ( Ishak Muhammad ) were jailed by the British Colonizers just because they fought for the Independence of Malaya together with AMCJA ( All Malaya Council Of Join Action ) which was a multi –racial masses movement not Umno, MCA or MIC who were the British ‘ baruas ‘‘. In addition, were Abu Bakar Bakir ( Hisbul Muslimin ), Mustaffa Hussain, Ibrahim Yaakub ( KMM ) and Samsiah Faqeh ( AWAS ).
Were they ‘communists’ as dictated by the British Colonizers and Umno now ? Don’t simply say people as ‘ communists ‘ and charged them as ‘ communists’ as what accused to Mat Sabu; similar as to the British Colonizer.
Samsiah Faqeh, Abdullah CD, Rashid Maidin ran into the jungle from the British Colonizer Security Force. Whoever fought against the British Colonizer i.e. before August 31, 1957 were all the pioneers and genuine freedom fighters of Malaya. They were not communists but together with Chin Peng to chase away the British Colonizer.
Rashid Maidin, Samsiah Faqeh and Mat Indera Al Hafiz were religious teachers definitely not communists or atheists for that matter. Inclusive of the earlier fighters such as Mat Kilau, Abdul Rahman Limbong, Dato Maharajalela ( killed Birch ) , Dato Sagor, Dato Bahaman , Tok Gajah etc. Precisely, not terrorists and communists but the British Colonizers were in actuality THE TERRORISTS AND IMPERIALISTS OF MALAYA.
Umno’s AGMs invited CPC ( Communist Party China ) as its annual guests. Before now and forever, communist is still ommunist i.e. Atheist ! How is it that Umno was not charged in court by AG for ‘ communism’ as Sabu is? Is Communist now a ‘ believer of God’ or Umno now “ a non- believer of God “ ? Which is which ? Whereas, Sabu is an Islamic activist ever since in ABIM till PAS ! Prof. Dr. Burhanuddin El Helmy ( in the later stage led PAS ) was also jailed in Batu Gajah by the British Colonizer as a ‘communist’ and ‘terrorist ‘ .
There is absolutely no different whatsoever, between Umno Nationalism and CPC being good and close relationship now. For Nationalism and Communism in Islam are astray! Because Islam Is Islam ; not Islam Hadhari or whatever!.
Islam is “ Ad-deen waddaullah “ and “ Ad-deen wa syariah” i.e. The Islamic System of Benevolent Government and Justice For All based on the “ Kitabullah “ ( The Holy Qur’an ) and the Assunnah ( Traditions of the prophet ) as proven in the Medinah Islamic Rule as ordained in the Medinah Charter which is fair, clean and just to everybody regardless of race and religion ( “ Rahmatan lil ‘alamim “ ).
With the Sabu case, our court works like the British Court. And for that matter, Islamic Jurisprudence of Hudud, Kisos and Taazir could not be implemented not because of the auta Mahathir but the British Federal Constitution of Malaya ( Malaysia ) being the Highest Law not the Kitabullah and the Assunnah or Hudud Law for that matter which is still British Colonization i.e NEO-COLONIZATION through Umno alike as to “ Umno is APCO and APCO is Umno ! Whereas, justice in Islam ; Hudud Law is only meant for the muslims . Non –muslims could easily opt to the present Civil Law .
In these sense, Malaysia is yet to be ‘ MERDEKA” by and with PAKATAN RAKYAT some sort of “ AMCJA “ ( All Malaysia Council of Join Action ) against Umno/BN for a NEW MALAYSIA from a NEW POLITICAL ERA of non-racist , Malaysian , Universalism and Justice For All through PAKATAN.
Save Malaysia from Bankruptcy and Umno’s Autocracy and abolish not only ISA, but also the Emergency Ordinance, Printing Press Act, OSA , University Act, Sedition Act, Police Act etc. To be fair , bring all the ISA detainees to an open court and charge them and let them be represented ( Herbous Corpus ) by their attorney and close KEMTA. This is democracy and dethrone Umno’s Autocracy for good in the 13th GE ! for PAKATAN !
By: Nash Ar-Rawy /23.9.11 to www.malaysiatimes.my
From: www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com

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Who Was The Premier Of Malaya Before August 31, 1957 by : Nash Ar-Rawy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Who Was The Premier Of Malaya Before August 31, 1957 by : Nash Ar-Rawy

Who Was The Premier of Malaya Before August 31,1957 by: Nash Ar-Rawy
THE BRITISH MALAYA CURRENCY proven that Malaya was a BRITISH COLONY and who was the Premier then if not Hendry Gurney ( killed by Chin Peng ) being the Br. High Commissioner of Malaya represented the King of England who overpowered the sultans as subordinates of the British Empire! Umno was only Br."baruas" to create Neo -Colonization of being the Br. Sychopants prolonged Br.Common Law and Draconian Acts making Malaysia is yet to be Merdeka . Umno rejected Hudud, Qisos and Taazir which is only meant for the muslims and non-muslims could opt for the Civil Law.
The actual Freedom Fighters were Dato Maharajalela and Tok Sagor killed Birch , Tok Janggut, Tok Kenali, Tok Gajah, Mat Kilau, Datok Bahaman, followed by Mat Indera, Rosli Dhobi, Dr. Burhanuddin ( PKMM) Ibrahim Yaakub( KMM ) Ahmad Boastamam( API) Samsiah Faqeh ( AWAS ) Pak Sako, Mustaffa Hussein, Abu Bakar Bakir( HISBUL MUSLIMIN ) etc which existed earlier than Umno and their parties were banned by the Br. Emergency Ordinance in 1948 except for Umno !
Why! For a simple reason; Umno collaborated with the Br. Colonialist as DO of Kedah ( Tunku ) CM of Johore ( Dato Onn ) Perak ( Panglima Bukit Gantang) Razak ( Pahang ) whereas Freedom Fighters of the 1st and 2nd Generations during Br. Rule were arrested , killed, jailed or hanged by the Br. Colonialist. Sultans got no political and administrative power what so ever, except for on the matters pertaining to religion and Malay Customs only; as written in the Pangkor Treaty timidized by the Br. Colonialist. Remember, the treaty was written in English and signed by the Sultan of Perak being ‘ Jailed “ away from the mainland in a British Colonialist boat!. Did he had a choice!
The wealth of Malaya was exploited and robbed by the British Colonialist. Chinese were made labourers in the Tin Mines , Indians as labourers in the British Estates and the Malays as 'Mata-Mata" to protect the British Colonialist assets in Malaya and some were in the British army. Remember, Br. Army and mata-mata before Merdeka were Br. Colonialist Security Force did not belong to the Malaya Merdeka Security Force because Malaya was still under the Br. Colonization .
Therefore, Prof.Auta Kling and Dr. Auta Mahathir are just BULSHIT history just to conceal and subdue the truth and the correct historical facts that all the LEFTISTS FREEDOM FIGHTERS before Merdeka were actually the real heroes of Malaya which Malaysia and Malaysians should be proud of and thankful to them and grateful to God for sending them to us. If not for their sacrifices Malaya would not had been independent because the Br.Colonialist knew they had to leave Malaya anyway.
Somehow rather the Independence of Malaya must be given to the English educated and English Oriented leaders such as Tunku , Dato' Onn who were not rebels of the Br. Rule but became Br. Colonialist officers and Chief Ministers in Umno Br. Colonizations. Obviously, the independence of Malaya must not be given to the FREEDOM FIGHTERS or masses movements and leaders such as Professor Dr. Burhanuddin Al Helmy who later led PAS, and his "CO-FREEDOM FIGHTERS" such as Ustaz Abu Bakar Bakir, Ahmad Boestamam, Ibrahim Yaakub, Pak Sako, Mustaffa Huusein and Chin Peng, Rashid Mydin, Samsiah Faqeh and Abdullah CD as well i.e before Merdeka for they were also heroes of Malaya that drove away the British Colonialist and not Umno for being the Br. supporters and never came into being yet untill 1946.
Umno only had taken ' The Last Lap " initiated, inspired 'by the British Colonialist and "HIJACTED" the Freedom Fighters plights and course pioneered by the " LEFTIST FREEDOM FIGHTERS and became the Br. Colonialist heroes in the eyes of the Br.Empire . Umno and the Br. Colonialist speak the same language until now when mahathir accused PAS is more dangerous than Communist and as a religious extremist. But when had a problem with Tunku , he condemned him using PAS stage . This is very typical of auta Mahathir!
Remember, the Br. Colonialist’s " PM" in Malaya before Merdeka; Hendry Gurney was murdered by Chin Peng and Ustaz Muhammad Indera Al Hafiz was a hero recognised by a book written by the Johore Government which later the same CM Ghani who gave a preface in the book considered that Mat Indera as one of the heroes of Johore twisted tongue calling him as terrorist. Remember, he was not a communist but Al Hafiz. Likewise, Rashid Maidin, Abdullah CD and Samsiah Faqeh were religious teachers.But they had to take shelter in the jungle with the CPM for being hunted by the Br.Colonialist army.
Rashid Maidin met by Mat Sabu at the ' Free-zone' taught Al Qur'an in the morning and Bahasa Malaysia in JAWI which was withdrawn by Umno and now Maths and science taught in English in schools, a typical Umno still mentally not merdeka ! Whereas Japan , Germany , France , China became advance and modernized not through the ‘English Language “ for that matter !.
But after Merdeka we do not support CPM for we are a free nation . Thus, Police and soldiers before Merdeka belonged to the BRITISH COLONIALIST FORCE but after Merdeka they belong to Malaya Merdeka precisely concise of two different compartments contradictory with each other; spiritually, mentally and physically!!!.
We do not support the ideology of Communism ( Atheism) but Umno could not deny the historical fact that the Communist Party aided the Br.Colonialist to chase away another colonialist that was Japanese since China once had a tragic history of having war with Japan . But with the lost of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagazaki with the colonialist- Imperialist America's atomic bombs and Japan surrendered in Singapore. CPM and all the leftist freedom fighters' parties were banned by the British Colonialist.
Nevertheless, even the CPM ( Communist Party Malaya ) had also contributed in the struggles to liberate Malaya from the British Rule which could not be denied no matter what we perceive about Communism. When they had taken arms or militancy struggles together with Rashid Maidin, Samsiah Faqeh and Abdullah CD who ran inside the jungle since all the leftist parties were banned by the Br.Rule and took shelter in the jungle warfare.
These leftist FREEDOM FIGHTERS’s ideology were not communism but freedom fighters ( JIHAD) to liberate Malaya from the British Rule as the CPM was ( before August 31, 1947) because the “ POLITICAL POWER AND SOVEREIGNTY” was under the BRITISH COLONIZATON and Malaya as a Colony of the BRITISH EMPIRE!!!! . This is the historical facts proclaimed by the BRITISH COLONIALIST as in all of the documents kept in London. History never lies but Umno yes! But Najib , Mahathir and Prof. AUTA KLING made a mistake because we are now in the Cyber Era no more in the 60’s ! Electorates are matured , Cyber awakened and IT literates!
The hypocrasies of Umno and its leaders revealed with the latest UMNO-CPC MoU and invited the Communist Party representatives every year to Umno's AGM's whereas Mat Sabu who strive for Islam since in ABIM and consistently in PAS as the present PAS NO 2 and Mat Indera were accused as ' Communist" . Whereas Sidik Gouse being a KGB agent was the PM of Malaysia( Mahahatir) private secretary and the 3 ABDUL's . Weren't they Communists in Umno ???. Why didn't Mahathir resigned as PM?
This is Umno and BULSHITTING LEADERS! Rakyat want the whole truth of our history not criminal historians " DISTORTERS OF HISTORY" or " HISTORY MOCKERERS" such as Prof AUTA KLING, auta Mahathir and Najib's with many more bulshits such as Telco 6% which was actually tabled by him in the parliament, Electoral Rolls manipulations and fraudity and abusage, EC and NRD abetments. KD altantuya submarines, RM 5 Billons another unnecessary Heritage Tower for Rosmah Qoroon, RM19 Billion withdrawn from the rakyat subsidies being DONATED to corporates and cronies and what not!
Save Malaysia and dethrone Umno through the 13th GE and send PAKATAN TO PUTRAJAYA NOW! insyaAllah! Remember, Salehuddin Ayob of PAS representing PAKATAN said, “ There will be BERSIH 3.0 if the 5 claims of PAKATAN not fulfilled by the ruling party “ and TGHA said, “ There will Be BERSIH 3.0 even after the 13th GN if there were to be fraudity in the Electoral Rolls etc. GOD IS THE GREATEST!
By: Nash Ar-Rawy/13.09.11 to: wwww.Malaysiatimes.my
from: www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ulamaks Are Politicians , Propagators And Protectors Of Islamic Sovereign by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Ulamaks Are Politicians And Propagators by : Nash Ar-Rawy
Ulamaks are politicians and propagators upholding Islam to its supreme as “ Islamu yaklu wala ya’la alaiah “ ( Islam is Supreme and nothing is higher than it ) Which means Islam must be given its authority to rule the world with “ Ad-deen wad Daulah and Ad-deem wa syariah” ( Islam rules and has its sovereignty /Sovereign) Rules and Law ( Be given its authority ) as “ Rahmatan lil”alameen| ( Bestowed to the whole world regardless of race and religion “ Justice To All “
To materialize this ulamaks are actually politician or mentor for a nation building in the cause of “ Amal Maaruf Nahi Mungkar” ) Portraying good deeds and abstain evil practices ).They must be in the highest hierarchy in a state as such leads the nation in bulding up a Benevolent State of “ Baidatun Toyibaton Warabbul Ghafoor “ ( A Benevolent State of Peace, Rich and Bestowed by God ) .Not as a |Sinner State violating God’s Law and legalizes evil deeds and sins through the parliament and State Assemblies.
As such to do so, Ulamaks themselves are politicians. Here is where prophet Muhammad s.a.w. empowered Islam giving its authority and sovereignty by building up a benevolent state ( Rahmatan lil ‘alameem to everybody not only to the muslims but inclusive of the non-muslims as equal to the muslims such as the Jews , Christians and all the Arab tribes as ONE NATION of the Medinah Benevolent Government; which is clean , fair and just to everybody which is also portayed by the Caliph Omar Bin Abdul Aziz. Which means the Islamic System of Government is feasible and applicable in the modern times politics; which is also seen to be practices by the Chief Minister of Kelantan who is also an Ulamak himself, and has a propagator as such the prophet was also the first President of a Benevolent State of Madinah. As such Caliphs Abu Bakar, Omar , Osman and Ali were all SAHABAH who’s status were “ MORE THAN ULAMAKS i.e. “ EMPOWERED WITH THE POLITICAL POWER TO IMPLEMENT WHAT”S PROPAGATED” ( POLITICS AND DAKWAH )
This is where in a modern state the parliament and the State Assemblies with the Ulamaks as the highest Authority of the State ( Ulamak Consensus Council ) which approves or disapproves any Bill made by the parliamentarians based on the Kitabullah and the Assunnah ( Al-Qur’an and the tradition of the prophet ) .Here is where ulamaks not only lead the nations , premier and the people but along side they are also the propagators of Islam in a macro sphere.
In an Islamic System of Sovereign , Ulamaks have more rooms to propagate Islam in the mosques itself without any distractions or restrictions from the ruling party . Here is where pseudo ulamaks back up a secular ruling party where they are only in a bureau without any authority what so ever to implement Islamic Laws meant for the muslims only ( non- muslims could opt for the present civil law )such as Hudud , Kisos and Ta’azir ) . Remember, the secular ruling party for more than five decades has not been obedient to God to legalized the laws of God as ordained in the Al-Qur’an in the parliament and in the the State Assemblies as well.
Since independence after 50 years MCA and MIC and even Umno itself do not understand Islam and Umno portraying not the true propagation of Islam to its counterparts but merely prolonging secularism brought down by the British Colonial which is amal maaruf and amal mungkar together such as corruptions, nepotism, cronyism and chauvinism racism. Nationalism ( Umno )itself is a deviant or an astray cause never ever projected by the prophet and Khulafa ar- Rasyhidden ( Caliphs of Islam ) as Islam is ‘ Rahmatan lil alameen” universal and fair to every race and religion. But “ BEE END” leads by Umno is RACIST BASED PARTY which is not feasible for a multi – racial and religion as in Malaysia . Time has changed where Malaysians are sick and tired of Umno’s racism , cronyism and stupid propaganda selling off the county “ Malaysia On Sale through EC and NRD. Electorates are more matured now to differentiate what is the cause of PAS/Pakatan and Umno/BN. Remember there 3 Millions foreign workers may even out beat the Indian community and even Chinese and Malays for future Indon Premier which may create chaos the country claiming their citizenship rights as in land , business , etc!
Ulamaks in PAS have propagated to the Pakatan leaders in DAP and PKR and to the masses why Islam is the ultimate and mere cause and plights of PAS and totally rejects any kind of chauvinism or racism as shown in Kelantan practicing the fundamentals of a Benevolent State. Without racism people of all races and religion and the nation are save in PAS Ulamak Mentorism based on the Kitabullah and the Assunnah . This a true One Nation , One Soul and One Race of being Malaysians , peace , loving and justice for all. ( PAS FOR ALL )
Remarkably through the Ulamaks propagations in PAS. PAS is able to recruit more than 20,000 of non –muslims in Pas wing namely PAS SUPPORTERS WING which is free to function by itself and is at par with PAS Ulamak Wing, Women and Youth .Remember even the young ‘ulamaks’ in Umno are only being BUREAUED” and being subordinates under the Wing Chiefs and the President. But in PAS the President is only a committee member of the Ulamak Consensus Council whereby the head is the Mursyidul Am as a mentor to lead the party , the nation and the masses as shown by TGNA.
By: Nash Ar-Rawy / 28.08.11 www.Malaysiatimes.my

Friday, August 12, 2011

Islam Is Politics by Nash Ar-Rawy

Islam Is Politics by : Nash Ar-Rawy

Islam is politics based on firmanullah hu Ta’ala “ Inna Solati, wanusuki, wamahyaya wa mamati lillahi rabbil ‘alameem” ( Truly my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying is for Allah Lord of the worlds). There’s nothing which is not politics in Islam . The whole “ nizamul hayat”i.e. the system of life and living itself is politics because politics is an active organism which evolves an invloves all aspects of lives from an individual, family society, nation , economy, religion, culture , arts , customs , civilization etc.; have its own answer in Islam as Islam is ‘syummul ‘ ( comprehenship).’Ad-Deen Waddaulah and Ad-Deen Wasyariah” i.e. in its own genuine system of governance and Laws which is not Communist, Sosialist , Pragmatist, Nationalist ,Capitalist, or Racist Chauvinist but ISLAM ISLAM and not even Islam hadhari for that matter because the kitabullah and assunnah is already a complete set of rules and guidance in this world and in the heareafter. Not just until the year 2020.
Either a person follows Islamic Politics or the “ Fikh” ( Fekah )of politics in Islam as engaged by prophet Muhammad S.A.W or jahiliyyah politics as brought by the 2A’s regime Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab’s politics or the munafikun politics led by Abdullah b. Ubai.
The kuffar mustaqbireen force being the world oppressor and suppressor such as USA and its sychophants against the muslim world being the mustazaffeen ( suppressed and oppressed people ) will never end untill doomsday.
If in ibadah( prayer, fasting , hajj), ecomomy ( muamalat), munakahat ( marrieage, divorce etc) and crimes( Hudud, Kisos , Taazir ) have its own ‘Fikh” or law as ordained in the Kitabullah ( Ak-Qur’an ) and Assunah ( Hadith and Tradition of the prophet )Thus, politics too has its own ‘Fikh” or law as portrayed by the prophet in his sunnah and all the ‘sirah nabawiyyah’ ( recorded history of politics of all the prophets in the Al-Qur’an such such the politics of Pharaoh ( evil , satanic , secular ) and the politics of Moses etc( Islam ).The Medina Charter laid down by the prophet promoting justice to all regardless of religion, race and creed are all Islamic politics which is called “assiasah assyari’yyah” or Islamic politics or Islamic System of good governance as established by prophet Muhammad S.A.W . Medina being the first Islamic Governance in the world constitutes of a multi- racial society of different ethnic groups and religions such as muslims , jews, christians and various Arab tribes as such muslims only comprised about just 15 % of the population of the Medina Islamic Governance .
Therefor, for a muslim to say politics is dirty is wrong because Islam itself is politics as such mentioned in the Al Qur’an the two groups of political parties that exist in this world i.e. ‘Hisbullah ‘ ( party of God ) and Hisbussyaitan” ( party of satan )
Muslims and Islam for that matter could collaborate with the non-muslims in good deeds and for the well-being of the people which is called “ Tahalluf Siasi “ ( Political Collaborations ) seeking justice , peace and promoting benevolent governance such as Kelantan as a role model to the people what is meant by Islamic practice in a contemporary Islamic politics as seen in Malaysia is PAS ( Islamic Party ) collaborating with non muslims and muslims as well with keadilan ( PKR). DAP and PSM where in ‘Fikh” or political law and approach is accepted and permitted to collaborates for good deeds but not to collaborate with evil deeds and injustice champion by Umno/BN suppressing the people with ISA , EC ( Emergency Ordinance ) being abused to sustain Umno in power by using the authority force to block and subdue peaceful unarmed BERSIH assemblies just to promote eight electoral reforms for a clean , fair and just election.
As such, there’s nothing wrong for an Islamic Party like PAS to collaborate with BERSIH for such a divine and democratic plights for the people .So, why the opposition of such a good and divine course such as Umno/BN must oppose these honourable and patriotic plights of a genuine One Malaysia being supported by multi- races and religions as a new political platform and agenda of a new Malaysia..
Apostacy Act which is supposed to have been implemented by Umno 50 years ago so as to protect the muslims faith among its followers only has been rejected trice by the Umno ( speaker) when brought up by TGHA as PAS President in the parliament and likewise were rejected trice when brought up by PAS Vice President Sallehuddin.
Mockery of religion and Islamic Law has been Umno’s politcal game all these while by hitting at lawyer Amiga BERSIH’s chief defending her apostate client whilst it has been permitted and supported by Umno when blocking TGHA proposal to preceed with Hudud Act which also involves Apostacy .
Nevertheless , politics is a dirty game and corrupted to any politicians and stateman for that matter if it’s a jahiliiyah ‘s politics because asolute power of parliamentary dictatorship corrupts absolutely as seen in Malaysia . But for a divine course based on the Kitabullah and Assunnah , politics of pure , solemn and divine plights as shown by the Kulafa ar-Rashideen , the prophet and Umar Abdul Aziz had proven to be clean . honest , trustworthy , responsible and answerable to God , the people and the nation.
Without God in politics and in the parliament such treacherous acts of selling citizenships and electorates as seeen in the collaborations of EC and NRC must be stopped and blocked immediately with policians doing the works of prophets with the quality of Sidek, Amanah, Tabligh and Fatanah ( Correct and True, Trustworthy , Pledge and Intellegence ( divine political minded ). Thus, ISLAM IS POLITICS for a BENEVOLENT Government entrusted by God to all muslims as Caliphs ( Califatullah ) as such not to follow the footsteps of the devils such as Pharaoh , Qoroon , Mubarak , Suharto , Marcos as you could see for yourself who is following the devils footsteps in Malaysia. Close your eyes and ask your heart ; don’t ask the premier, IGP , or EC and NRD directors for that matter.
By: Nash Ar-Rawy /12.08.11 www.Malaysiatimes.my

Monday, August 8, 2011

Parliamentary Dictatorship by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Parliamentary Dictatorship by: Nash Ar- Rawy

What is democracy in Malaysia if all the important institutions are taken under parliamentary dictatorship being the subordinates of Ministral Rule i.e. Umno/BN. IGP is to protect Umno to sustain power by subdueing Bersih peaceful assembly unarmed. EC is not a free commision but to endorse phantom voters as to ensure Umno’s victory in the 13th GN. NRD is an agent of Umno collabrating and abetting with Umno as a traitor to the nation and the people legalizing foreigners PR holders being given easily within a few hours as citizenship as revealed by Malaysiakini.com
. The premier completed his treacherous acts by violating DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong meeting with Bersih which is recognised as a legal and constitutional NGO masses movement for a clean , free and fair Elections by promoting eight electoral reforms. Despite Agong’s consent of Bersih plights the Premier has given a threat to Bersih and withdrawn his words by not allowing Bersih to use the Merdeka Stadium but instead he used the authority force with the police brutality as shown in hundreds of videos in facebook; where one demonstrator died.
This is Umno rule which is a dictatorial rule and a complete autocracy . If a new government takes over this country . There are many things which cannot be done by Umno for its long and corrupted reign where by practice and Umno’s traditions ; no positive transformation could be done because it will affect Umno’s politics of cronism and corruptions.
The nation and the people need a change of government and it could be implaced by a new political platform for the people and the nation i.e. Pakatan Rakyat .
Pakatan rakyat rule in Kelantan , Penang and Selongor have done a lot of reforms which benefited the people and has proven being able to perform and offered good governance as recognised by Transparency International which is not given to BN rule states.
Many of Pakatan people’s fighters have been caught and harrased in the Bersih assembly and have proven themselves that they are with the Rakyat Plights where about 30,000 to 50,000 demonstrators have attended the peaceful and unarmed Bersih assembly which is legalized in accordance with article 10 of our Federal Constitution .
Where is Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan in these course of an electoral reforms. Umno/BN should be a gentelman to accept victory or lost in the coming 13th GE. But don’t win through phantom voters by utilizing EC and NRD as unofficial branches of Umno being paid by the people’s money but working for Umno as to KEMAS . This is ‘democracy of Umno /BN rule.Channelling the tax payers’ money for themselves only. Just a simple clear cut example is Rosmah diamond ring worth RM 24 Million! A new Emelma Rosmah! The female qoroon of Malaysia.
Likewise Mubarak Najib don’t make use of IGP to protect and prolong the “ Pharaoh Rule “ because the masses are not stupid . Instantly anyone could access the internet getting the news immediately . Why stopped Suaram’s french lawyer from coming in to Malaysia to investigate the scorpenegate or KD Altantuya submarine scandals.
Remember the fall of Suharto in Indonesia had made him landed in the court of justice . Followed by the fall of Mubarak now in hot sup for the charge of corruption and abuse of power . IGP too should remember that around 600 police personnels in Egypt were trialed for murder and harrasments at the Tahrir Square and sacked !!!!
May be the premier is being haunted by the tragedies of Mubarak , Suharto and even Marcos for that matter !!!. Golkar is gone , LDP and Congress party had reached its doomsday . There is no government which is parmanent in this world except God’s Eternal Government as the absolute ruler in this world and in the hereafter. Let it be the roman empire, Ottoman empire, British empire etc . All are gone and recorded in history . Next to be a placing in the musium and history is Umno to be taken by PAS and MCA , Gerakan MIC to be taken by keadilan and PSM by the grace of God.
Thus with the will of God and the need for change by the people . Pakatan has a better and a clearer chance to take over BN as the ruling party in the Federal Government and States as well . Where IGP, Attorney Gen., Accountant Gen., EC , NRD , SPRM and the Lord President be taken under the Parliamentary jurisdiction and solely responsible to the Agong and not to the ministers or even the premier himself could also be checked.!
The masses do not want racism, cronism , corruption and abuse of power . What they want is justice to all, universalism and for a clean and a benevolent government for everybody regardless of race and religion not through firery chauvinistic rhetorics of Umno and MCA. This is not the time for racism . Malaysian of the new Merdeka generation have forgone that . The new politics now is with Pakatan Rakyat i.e Islam For All ( PAS) and Justice For All ( DAP, Keadilan , PSM ) . Let us build a new Malaysia for we are all brethren in humanity for “ Peace and Justice For All “ Save Malaysia and the Rakyat from Umno autocracy and Parliamentary Dictatorship rule now! In the 13th GE . VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT!
“ GOD IS THE GREATEST!!! “www.Malaysiatimes.my
By: Nash Ar-Rawy/ 08.08.11 www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Miracles of the Prophet Moses

Miracles of the Prophet Moses
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Remember friends with the story of the miracle of Moses split the red sea with his stick? If one of my friends who thought the story was just a fable, now let us refer to writing that I describe below.

An archaeologist named Ron Wyatt in late 1988, earlier claimed that he had found several corpses of ancient chariot wheels red towing. According to him, maybe this is a carcass of a drowned Pharaoh's chariot, when used for its exterior TSB chasing Moses and his followers.

According to his testimony, but found a few dead horse chariot wheels, Wyatt with his crew also found some human bones and horse bones the same place.

These findings certainly reinforce the notion that sisa2 bones are part of the framework of the Pharaoh's army drowned in the Red Sea. Moreover, the results of testing conducted at Stockholm University on the few remaining bones have been found, it is true that the structure and content of some of the bones have been aged around 3500 years ago, which according to history, the chase scene that also occurs in the same period.

axle of one of the carriages
In addition, there are also some interesting things were discovered, the axle of one of the carriages which now has been entirely covered by rocks, so for now its original form is very difficult to see clearly. Perhaps God's purpose to protect this thing to show us all that the miracle is revealed to him Nabi2 is a real thing and not a fabricated story. Among some of the train wreck earlier, also found a wheel with 4 pieces made of gold bars. Apparently, this is the rest of the wheel carriage horse by Pharaoh the king.

Now let us look at the picture above, circled in the map (red circles), according to the experts about the location therein where the Prophet Moses and his people crossed the Red Sea. Location crossings is estimated to be in the Gulf of Aqaba at Nuweiba. The maximum depth of the waters in the vicinity of the crossing is 800 meters on the side toward Egypt and 900 meters on the side toward the Arabs. Meanwhile in the north and south of the crossing trajectory (red line) depth reaches 1500 meters. The slope towards the sea from the Gulf of Aqaba Nuweiba approximately 1 / 14 or 4 degrees, while that of the Gulf Arab Nuweiba inland about 1 / 10 or 6 degrees

It is estimated that the distance between Nuweiba to Arabia around 1800 meter.Lebar trajectory split the Red Sea which is estimated to 900 meters. Can we imagine how much force is needed to divide up the sea water has a path width of 900 meters with a distance of 1800 meters in depth waters rata2 reach hundreds of meters for a long time, given the followers of Moses who historically numbered in the thousands? (According to other posts is expected to reach 7 km away, with the number of followers of the prophet Moses, about 600,000 people and the time taken to cross about 4 hours).

According to one calculation, the estimated required pressure (force per unit area) of 2.8 million Newton/m2 or equal to the pressure that we receive in the sea If you dive to a depth of 280 meters. If we associate with wind speed, according to some calculations, at least the required gusts of wind with a constant velocity of 30 meters / sec (108 km / h) throughout the night to be able to divide and maintain parts of the sea water within 4 hours! was incredible, Allah is Great.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bersih 2.0: Kekasaran polis punca utama kematian Baharuddin

Bersih 2.0: Kekasaran polis punca utama kematian BaharuddinWhere is article 10 of ur Fed. Constitution . Polis Brutality n PM Bulshit promise giving d stadium proves Umno fear of lost in d 13GE using d Polis, SPRM and Majistrate 2 delay its death!!! as 2 Golkar in Indonesia . One death proven body contact but denied by PM n IGP C d videos plenty n clear cut physical contact . PM n IGP must resign n behold responsible!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Islamic State In The Qur'an But A Benevolent State by: Nash Ar-Rawy

No Islamic State In The Qur’an But A Benevolent State by: Nash Ar-Rawy

There’s no Islamic State mentioned in the Holy Qur’an but a Benevolent State as God says ,” Baidatun Toiyibatun Warabbun Gharfoor” ( A State Of Prosperity, Peace And Blesseth Pardoned By God ). Whereby there’s justice for all regardless of race , religion and tribunal favouratism . Without cronism, communalism , racism, chauvanism , corruptions, or draconion act as the modern ones such as OSA. ISA . University Act, Press And Printing Act, Police Act which in practice are unconstitutional and undemocratic of the UBN primitive politics and governance . These are against freedom of speech and peaceful assembles by the rakyat which are permitted and provisionalized in our Federal Constitution and the fundamental practices of democracy which are more inclined to an autocratic form of government .
Thus , UBN fears PAS out-reachings of its masses message to outfit and dethrone UBN in the 13th GN which may occur anytime right now . The message and offer to the masses and electorates are so simple, clear and impressive in line with the masses aspirations for a change of the Federal Government and State as well from UBN to Pakatan Rakyat and Umno to PAS .
Electorates are already fed up with UBN bulshit of allocating RM 19 Billions to the corporates and cronies in the IPP ( Independent Producers Power ). But the masses are suffuring with the drastic subsidization cut down and penalizes the people without any sense of humanism towards the poor and middle- class people who are paying for the cost of cronism and corruptions .
The welfare of the people are taken care of and abuse the tax payers money on mega projects which are not essential such as the heritage twin tower and erecting of new buldings for women all over one Malaysia for the sake of the cronies .All these are utilizing the people’s money and not wanted by Malaysians as in the past Formula One wastage project but now still continuing the same attitude of its Mega unnecessary projects.Where goes all the withdrawn money subsidizations due to the people . Money saves for whom if not for the cronies !!!.
PAS/Pakatan good governance in Kelantan and Penang, Kedah and Selangor as well have been recognised by transparency interntional as good governance ; have gone ahead to prove that it could be done and go better ! A Benevolent State is not that PAS has dropped Islam as its base and switched to Communism or Socialism or Nationalism for that matter. Socialism, Communism and Nationalism have got nothing to do with the hereafter and have got no divine laws as ordained in the Qur’an. Hudud law as once said by TGNA that the green-light to implement it is to take over the Parliament ( Federal Government and Putrajaya ) .
The hudud law act as proposed by TGHH to be tabled in the Parliament were rejected trice by UBN ( speaker) inclusive of Umno . But now Mahathir talks about Islam which he rejected by his letter to the State Government of Kelantan . Another latest bulshit of Mahathir and Umno’s hypocracy to implement Islamic Law in the country . He said PAS has dropped it’s Islamic State plight and forgo the ulamaks following Karpal Singh ‘s stategy to drop Islamic State as Kalpal once said ‘ cross over my dead body ‘ ( to do so ) . But Karpal realized his mistake and apologized and said he’s commited with PAS to defend Islam as in the constitution and the Islamic Laws can be discussed. Remember, many non-muslims now understood that Islamic Laws is only meant for the muslims only . Thus Umno failed to scare the non-muslims from PAS . It’s propaganda is already stale now. PAS and Umno is now at par in it’s race to Putrajaya and insyAllah PAS will overtake soon by using it’s own lane next to Umno ( Secularism ) i.e . Islam as the base of it’s Benevolent State For All.
PAS Supporters’ Wing is now having 20,000 supporters who are Non-Malays and Non-Muslims . Umno is no longer entrusted by the people because of its long track record such as Memali, BMF Perwaja Steel , Formula One , PKFZ , Felda, Felcra , Bumi Shares and many other swindles and scandals. Such is not a government for the people . It’s most unjust and cruel act which strucked the people’s heart was denouncing the rights of the Kelantanese and Terengganu people to be given the 5% due by Petronas through the State Government; even when the signitories of the Petronas Agreement are still a live i.e Tun Salleh Abbas ( wrongly dispelled by UBN /Mahathir ) and Ku Li.
Thus to bring back the masses rights , the people’s voice and the people’s power UBN is scares to death with PAS plight with Pakatan to develop a Benevolent Governmant i.e a caring and a welfare state for the people and to save Malaysia from bankrupcy if money keep on draining out billions of RM to satisfy the cronies without actual and real benevolence to the people . Rich getting richer and the poor , poorer. The richness of the country is being circulated among the rich and cronies only . This is UBN!PAS Islamic Benevolent Government is for peace and humanism love and brotherhood!
PAS/PAKATAN RAKYAT for the people ! Dethrone UBN 13thGE now!
By : Nash Ar- Rawy / 13.06.11 ( www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com )
( www.malaysiatimes.my )

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Professionals In PAS by Nash Ar-Rawy

PAS As An Islamic Movement by : Nash Ar-Rawy

PAS as an Islamic Movement is not just viable as a propagation movement out-reaching Islam as ‘Ad-Deen “ ; a complete system of life to mankind . But also pertaining to political sciences as an Islamic political movement to manifest Islamic system in accordance to the Kitbullah ( Al-Qur’an ) and Assunnah ( the traditions of the prophet and Hadis )i.e . “ Ad-Deen waddaulah “ ( sovereignty/ good Governance ) and “ Ad-Deen wa syariah “ ( Islamic Jurisprudence ).
Here is where PAS is being monitored by its highest authority i.e. Ulamak Consensus Council led by its “ Mursyidul Am “ i.e. TGNA. i.e. the highest post in PAS superceeds its Presidential post headed by TGHA.
In Umno , its President is not being checked by a higher authority in the party. But, in PAS , the Ulamak Consensus Council has the veto power to check party’s President not to mislead its Islamic plight, policies and methodology which must be congruent with the Kitabullah and the Assunnah. Thus, Islam could never be mislead by PAS leaders inclusive of its new wing i.e. PAS Supporters Congress which is a composition of non-muslims leaders and followers in PAS.
‘ Islam for all “as in PAS as to “ Justice for all” as in Pakatan Rakyat works hand in hand for a just government as Islam is “ Rahmatanlil alameen “ ( a blesseth to the world ) regardless of race, ethics , ideology and religion.
Here is where PAS is ahead for ‘One Malaysia “ rhethorical by UBN which later twisted to “ One Bumi” and “ One Malay” as a plain political mockery . Remember , PAS is “ Parti Islam Satu Malaysia “ ( PAS for All ) . No Chinese or Indian could be a member of Umno but PAS new wing ( PAS Supporters Congress) allows Non- Malays and Non- Muslims to participate proactively in PAS .Thus, PAS is not racist and agaist racism and chauvinism of any kind and not for religious extremism . A model of its Islamic System of Governance could be seen in practice in Kelantan i.e. 20 years of PAS rule recognised by International Transparency as “ Zero Corruption “ and “ Good Governance “ proofs that Islamc System of governance is viable and feasible in the cyber world ; realistic and practical for One Malaysia . Its policies is condusive to a multi-racial state compared to Umno “ One Bumi” and “ One Malay “ a clear cut political mockery of “ One Malaysia “ Drama. PAS could go along side with DAP and PKR because of Islam as its political base which is universal as to DAP and PKR
This means that in PAS leaderships one must not necessarily must be an ‘Ulamak “ to lead the movement for the Presidential post or Deputy because it’s already being monitored and mentored by top Ulamaks in PAS such as TGNA as the chief of the Ulamak Consensus Council as the top post in PAS
Almarhum Dr. Abbas one of the PAS Presidents was a medical doctor and intellectual in PAS . He was not an ulamak but a theologue in Islam with Islamic knowledge as to Presiden of Iran i.e. Mahmood Ahmadinejad who is well-verse in Islam but not an ulamak but being mentored and monitored by Ayatullah or Iran’s spiritual leader ; who could anytime dismiss him as the President of Iran if he and his cabinets go against Islamic System of Governance . This is the beauty of Islamic Governance in Iran and in PAS as an Islamic Movement.
Academicians,professionals, professors , intellectuals, administrators, consultants, engineers, doctors, lawyers, businessman , technocrates, etc. who are not with a religious academic background could be the President or Deputy and even the Vice Presidents of PAS for that matter .If he is accepted by the majority of PAS delegates in its Muktamar ( AGM ) where polls for leaderships is opened. Especially to face the coming 13th GN anytime right now . Vibrant and charismatic leaders are essential to convince the electorates. Thus, must be a good and prominent ‘ salesman’ to sell its product i.e. Islamic System of Governance as shown in Kelantan and Kedah with Pakatan Rakyat co-governments as in Penang, Selangor and Perak ( 11 month rule ) .Even Penang’s Pakatan/DAP has formed its own State Ulamak Consensus Council in line with Islam as to check and balance the ruling party ( Pakatan Rakyat ) .
PAS in the cyber world . Its top Ulamaks in the Ulamak Syura Council learn from the professionals in PAS how to be professionals equips with the IT knowledge and like wise the professionals in PAS learn from the Ulamaks the correct and true teachings of Islam through PAS tarbiah’s programmes ( Islamic teachings ) not from pseudo ulamaks but directly fresh and practically from ulamaks who perform Islam in its plight not just stay as a ‘YES MAN’ in Umno’s bureau not authorize to practice “ amal makruf nahi mungkar “ ( performing good deeds and abstain evil practices ) because its not a proper platform to do so except just to be ‘ silence satans”.President is the boss , ulamaks in Umno are only subordinates of the boss.
But, not in PAS , because the Ulamak Syura Council gives the final says and they are the absolute policy makers ( “ FINAL DECISIONS ) after a strong open debate with the President and its party’s cabinet members. Thus. Ulamaks work hand in hand with professionals in PAS and non-ulamaks could also be the leaders and lead PAS as they are all being monitored and mentored by its highest authority i.e. PAS Consesus Council led by its “ Mursyidul Am ‘ as a spiritual leader to ‘ CHECK AND BALANCE” PAS undertakings as a pure Islamic Movement in congruent with the Kitabullah and the Assunnah.
by : Nash Ar-Rawy/01.06.11 ( www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com ) (www.malaysiatimes.my)

Monday, May 30, 2011

BN: Bankrup Negara Oleh: Nash Ar-Rawy

BN : Bankrup Negara Oleh: Nash Ar-Rawy

BN atau “ Bangkrup Negara “ tiada boleh dielakkan lagi jika BN terus memerintah selepas PRU13 . Ini adalah kerana khazanah negara semakin susut kerna penyaluran yang terus menerus kepada mengisi temeluk dan ketamakan kroni . Sehingga demi kepentingan kroni dan kolongmerat tarif elekrik akan dinakkan . Petrol seperti dikesan khalayak boleh saja naik pada bila-bila masa jika BN diberikan tampok pemerintahan kerajaan pusat selepas PRU 13.
Khazanah negara terlalu banyak dihabiskan untuk kepentingan kroni dan projek yang membazir semata-mata untuk menyenyangkan dan membuncitkan perut kroni sahaja bukan untuk kepentingan rakyat marhein yang terbanyak . Tetapi, fokus untuk beberapa kerat manusia rakus sahaja. Contohnya, rumah atau bangunan untuk kegunaan wanita bagi setiap daerah; bagi Satu Malaysia sudah menelan berapa juta? Ini projek pembaziran dan tender dirakusi kroni menggunakan wang rakyat yang semakin hari semakin susash kerana ditarik subsidi. Bahkan, ke mana perginya berbilion subsidi yang dipotong itu ? Siapa yang untung ? Rakyat marhein yang sengsara dengan tekanan ekonomi BN atau kuncu –kuncu suku sakat BN yang rakus itu?
Jika khazanah negara milik rakyat satu Malaysia ; iaitu emas hitam boleh diurus-tadbir tanpa akaun untuk diteliti oleh ahli parlimen . Apakah ianya tiada menjurus ke arah penyelewengan khazanah negara?; jika ianya kekeringan dek kerakusan projek mega kroni . Apakah BN tiada membawa kepada “Bankrup Negara “ ?. Perlukah bangunan kembar warisan? Ini semua adalah pembaziran wang negara sepertimana Formula One!.BN jadikan satu Malaysia untuk korporat, dari korporat untuk korporat kerna korporat ; yakni : “ Negara Korporat”
Negara insyaAllah tiada akan bankrup dek subsidi kepada rakyat jelata . Akan tetapi kerakusan tadbir-urus kewangan negara boleh menjurus BN kepada Bankrup Negara sebagaimana yang pernah dibayangi oleh Timbalan Menteri Kewangan.
Justeru itu, mengawasan khazanah dan sumber pendapatan negara bukannya boleh dikendalikan atas kepentingan politik-korporat tetapi mestilah ditadbir-urus demi untuk kepentingan rakyat bukan sebagai habuan politik ; yang mana BN menjadi ‘platform ‘ atau tapak untuk meraih keuntungan dan menjadi kaya raya di atas keperitan dan kesusahan rakyat dan golongan marhein yang merupakan kumpulan majoriti; terus menderita.
Eset negara yang bernilai RM320 Billion iatu, emas hitam yang diberikan kepada Brunei demi untuk kepentingan kroni dua negara yang merugikan rakyat satu Malaysia adalah antara pengkhianatan BN yang menjurus kepada Bankrup Negara ; ternyata bukanlah kerana subsidi kepada rakyat.Disusuli dengan tergadainya warisan negara iaitu Tanah KTMdi Singapura kepada kroni Malaysia-Singapura.
Sejak harga minyak naik berkali –kali dalam setahun dan dewasa ini tarif elektrik ; pasti bebannya akan ditanggung oleh golongan marhein, miskin dan juga golongan sederhana . Kenaikan harga barang semuanya berpunca kepada politik minyak dan politik elektrik yang melonjak tinggi melibatkan industri besar dan kecil dan kos pengangkutan tiada mampu dibendung oleh BN kerana BN adalah untuk kepentingan taukeh-taukeh, kolongmerat yang memerlukan sumber yang kukuh untuk membiayai politik umno di lapangan sekaligus untuk menstabilkan ekonomi suku sakat Umno ; selaku pemegang-pemegang saham.
Malaysia adalah negara yang kaya sebenarnya berbanding jiran Singapura yang tiada memiliki balak, minyak, kelapa sawit, getah dan sebagainya . Sepatutnya, dengan anugerah tuhan kekayaan yang melimpah ruah ini . Negara boleh membiayai kos pembelajaran anak-anak bangsa semua kaum satu Malaysia dengan pendidikan yang percuma ; daripada tadika sampailah ke menara gading!. Mengapakah perkara ini tiada pernah berlaku setelah lebih 50 tahun BN memerintah? Mana perginya kekayaan balak di Sabah dan Sarawak .? Bagaimana taraf hidup rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak satu Malaysia yang daif seperti tahun 60an di semenanjung. Mana pergi kekayaan Minyak dan mengapa tiada sampai ke destinasinya ; yakni golongan marhein yang cukup menderita . Namun, golongan kolongmerat –penguasa kaya-raya membina istana dan hidup di dalam kemewehan di atas harta rakyat dan kesusahan rakyat.
Apakah negara tiada akan bankrup jika kerakusan- kekuasaan keqorunan-kefiraunan ini terus-menerus berlaku?. Baik di semenanjung maupun di Sabah dan Sarawak kerana masing-masing dibawah naungan BN. BN tiada boleh berubah lagi kerna sebarang tranformasi tidak boleh dijadikan perompak sebagai pengurus bank , penjenayah sebagai hakim dan perogol sebagai pembikin filem dan seumpamanya . Senario dan wajah Umno/Bn sudah penuh dengan kefasadan sepertimana mantan Presidennya sendiri pernah berkata Umno ini busuk sampai ke usus.Persis ! Umno/BN tiada boleh berubah lagi ibarat tongkang yang tunggu pecah atau pokok yang dimakan anai-anai yang bisa tumbang pada bila-bila masa insyaAllah pada PRU13 ini . Bahtera baru dengan agenda rakyat membangun negara berkebajikan seperti yang termaktub di dalam buku jingga paling kondusif sekali untuk Pakatan Rakyat menggantikan BN yang bisa membawa negara kepada Bankrup Negara ( BN )
Justeru itu, demi untuk menyelematkan satu Malaysia daripada BN ( Bankrup Negara ) pastikan mesej dan agenda rakyat Buku Jingga ini sampai kepada setiap elektorat kerna ianya bersifat ‘Membangun Negara Berkebajikan” tanpa mengira kaum dan agama bukannya retorik ‘Satu Malaysia’ yang akhirnya menjadi “ Satu Bumi” , Satu Melayu” yang bersifat lakunan , kewayangan UBN yang resah lemah dengan agenda rakyat Buku Jingga Pakatan!. Bukankah Umno itu Melayu Tipu Melayu ! RM52Billion saham bumi habis lesap tanpa dikesan . Melayu tiada bisa bela Melayu kerna hanya Islam sahaja yang tidak menipu dan bisa bela semua kaum satu Malaysia : “Islam Untuk Semua” yang praktikal, realistik dan kondusif kepada masyarakat majmuk yang berbilang kaum dan agama yang diterima rakyat sekarang melalui Pakatan Rakyat sesuai dengan pakatan “ Keadilan Untuk Semua” yang mematikan permainan percaturan perkauman-rasis Umno, MCA dan MIC yamng ditolak oleh rakyat sekarang kerna diri sebenar UBN sudah dikenali khalayak.
Oleh: Nash Ar-Rawy/31.05.11 ( www.nasharrawy.blogspot.com ) (www.malaysiatimes.my )

Monday, April 11, 2011

Now Or Never For Sarawakians by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Now Or Never For Sarawakians by: Nash Ar-Rawy

Let Sarawak teaches BN a lesson for good. Being a unit of The Federation of Malaysia , Sarawakians have every right to determine their own future as what proven by the the electorates of Kedah, Pulau Pinang , Selangor and Kelantan. Pakatan shows to be good governance in these states fulfilling the needs of the masses better than the former BN state governments.
The government of the people , from the people by the people and for the people recognised by Transparency International as ‘ Good Governance’ and Pakatan State Government of Kelantan is recognised as a model of ‘Zero Corruption’ good governance develops with Islam ; “ Islam For All “ being applied without any violations from the rakyat and accepted by all races and religions in Kelantan with the leadership of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz implementing the true teachings of Islamic Governance; Justice for all, for the past 20 years.
Likewise, the leadership of Tuan Guru Chief Minister of Kedah has brought the increase of state revenues and maintaining a good governance to the people especially in advocating the poors and and the have not. Guan Eng in Pulau Pinang and Ibrahim in Selangor have shown the masses that Pakatan Rakyat could lead the States better than BN ruling and giving the electorates a better future and confident that Pakatan could also take over Putrajaya in the 13GE to save Malaysia from One UBN, One Crony , One Belly for the rich at the expense of the poor and people paying for the cost of mega-crony projects and scandals such as PKFZ involves Billions of dollars. MAS RM9 Billion, Felda RM8 Billion, lost of Bumi Shares RM52 Billions which is undeniable by the PM.
UBN ‘s ruling leads to scandals after scandals utilizing RM Billions of the people money and sold the country to others. RM320 Billion worth of oil wells ‘donated ‘ to Brunei for the sake of the benefits of the cronies in both countries as to Tanjung Pagar ( KTM assets) sold out to Singapore for the sake of the cronies. Malaysia is on sale under UBN and all these may lead to bankrupcy if UBN still leads the nation as figure out by its deputy finance minister . Thus, it’s not due to subsidizations for the rakyat but vultures cronism and abuse of power and corruptions.
Likewise, where is Sarawak now as a whole have been ‘left out’ from the so called development prime streams of UBN . It’s still like 30 years ago of Taib Mahmud rule . Forcus more on his family wealth , cronies and psychophants. It’s enough for the people of Sarawak and let there be a change of government through the ballot paper for the sake of the masses and to self-determine a better future for the Sarawakinans . Sarawak is rich with timber and oil but the people are poor and being left out from the prime stream developments eventhough millions of money have been allocated for Sarawak but where goes the money ; stucked where ?.
The ruling party could not change the situation now because it has been too long in the government with it’s long time 30 years Taib and family rule which is the same as Mubarak of Egypt who has been toppled by the masses revolution. It’s high time to do so in Sarawak . Now or never because this is the only chance awaiting by the electorates to change the government as what happened in the peninsula i.e. in Perak( before coup), Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan.
Power in your hands , Self determine the people needs for change and let Sarawak be the next state to fall for Pakatan Rakyat prior to the 13th GE. If Sibu being a parliamentary seat which is a bigger constituency than state seats could be taken . Then let the Sarawak State Assembly be taken by the people through the ballot paper and make it the first in the history of Sarawak to topple BN for a political and socio-economy change for a better and strong Sarawak which is rich in oil and timber but being swept clean not by the ‘Brooke Family” but by the “Berok Family” ruling Sarawak for 30 years at par with Mubarak of Egypt being toppled by the masses revolution far a better nation.
BE END to BN for good . Lets join hands with the people’s fighters in Pakatan to assist Sarawakians for a change because BN could hardly do it for it’s long reign and corruption and cronism has become it’s traditions with political bribery , abuse of power and the usage of the government machineries which are the people assets. Obviously not party assets or BN property.

Now or never for the sake of the people of Sarawak; let the Sarawakinans create a new history to topple Taib family reign with the people reformations for a a new political model set of government of Pakatan Rakyat good governance as in Kelantan, Kedah , Penang and Selangor with excellent progress advocating the people . Save Sarawak! Now or Never!
Change BN to Pakatan Rakyat !
“ GOD IS The Greatest! “
By: Nash Ar-Rawy/12.4.11

Friday, March 11, 2011

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