YOURSAY 'Corruption must be addressed if Umno wants to redeem itself. It is so convenient to divert from the real issues and play on racism.'

Umno is not racist, claims Najib

your sayCala: First, PM Najib Razak's sugar-coated, beautiful and high-spirited words will not convince anybody blessed with objective reasoning.

If the Umno-led BN regime embraced "true justice" as one of their governing principles, why the disproportionately high deaths of Indians in police custody?

What is the real reason behind A Kugan's death? Or Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu's death and former DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock's death?

Second, if the opposition is good for nothing except in fabricating "slander and lies", how come the majority of Malaysians that represent 51 percent of popular votes endorsed Pakatan Rakyat?

Third, if Najib appears to be pleased with the "partnership" built with other component parties such as MIC, Gerakan, and MCA over the last 67 years, how come only ‘taiko' Umno survived the partnership and not their ‘sailos' (small brothers)?

When you have a forked-tongue Najib doing his usual ‘shiok sendiri' rhetoric, one wonders how long he will last in Umno.

Tembikai: Umno is not only racist, it is also corrupt. Even the Malays are discriminated against due to corruption. Just look at how many of Umno cronies and yes men with no credibility hold high positions in all civil service sectors and are given contracts.

With Umno given another term in government, the country will be sucked dry and left behind our neighbours.

Astounded: Yes, in fact the May 5 general election results not only reflect Umno's racism but also corruption, abuse of power and arrogance.

These issues also have to be addressed if Umno wants to redeem itself. It is so convenient to divert from the real issues and play on racism.

Geronimo: Najib, let us get something straight. The original Umno which was founded in 1946, died in 1988, and in its place, was Umno Baru with Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its first president.

You cannot talk of the present Umno of being 67 years in existence as the Umno today is not the same as the old Umno. How else can you explain the reasons behind former PMs Tunku Abdul Rahman's and Hussein Onn's refusal to become members of Umno Baru?

Umno is a racist party, period, with all the other component parties in the BN being nothing more than merely window dressing.

If it is true that Umno is so benevolent, would you consider returning the finance portfolio back to MCA? After all, the ministry was well-managed by the late Tan Siew Sin until Umno saw it fit to run it themselves for reasons best known to them.

My suggestion is, do a proper post-mortem to ascertain your decline in votes and perhaps, as a responsible government, you will reveal the real picture, minus all the racist rants.

FellowMalaysian: The Economist, a well-respected international weekly, has also claimed that Najib's speeches are racially-divisive and he should be held responsible for scaring away and losing non-Malay votes.

With a collective performance worse than the last time around, Umno has no moral high ground to claim victory, having lost the support and confidence of the majority of the people.

Fooled 50 Yrs: It used to be mere words would suffice, but in this present day, words merely do not suffice, and it is all the more hollow when viewed against deeds.

Najib can talk till the cows come home, but nothing is believable anymore.

Malaysia54: Oh yes, they are not racist - just walk into a government office and you will be amazed to see the truly multiethnic composition of the workforce. Just walk into MAS or TNB or Telekom and you will be amazed.

Louis: Umno is not a racist party, but Najib once apparently said he would bathe his keris with Chinese blood. Umno is not a racist party, but it champions ‘ketuanan Melayu'.

Umno is not a racist party, but it endorses the candidature of Perkasa leaders Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin.

Umno is not a racist party, but blames its poor GE showing on a "Chinese tsunami". Umno is not a racist party, but defended Utusan's infamous headline, ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?'.

Umno is not a racist party, but it keeps on harping about the threat of other races to the Malays. Umno is not a racist party, but agrees with Mahathir that Chinese settlers were equal to illegals in Sabah.

Umno is not a racist party, but still regards the non-Malays as second-class citizens despite more than half a century of independence. Yes, Umno is truly not a 'racist' party.

Anonymously: It looks like it is going to be the same BN in the next GE.