YOURSAY 'Why can't the civil servants of our country understand that their salaries are paid by the rakyat and not the government of the day?'

Wan Ahmad: Why resign when I've done my job?

your sayPaul Warren: EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan, who humiliated you? You were right when someone asked you a question that was predicated on presumptions.

I thought you did well at the Bar Council forum on Saturday. However, the question from Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen was quite discomforting for you. But it was a legitimate question for which your answer was plain inadequate.

When you and/or your boss go before the king soon and report to him that you have recently concluded the GE13 very successfully and that by inference, the GE was conducted in a clean and fair manner as is envisaged and charged upon you and the EC, do you think that report would be honest?

If not, what does lying to the Agong constitute? Sedition? Treason?

Aries46: Wan Ahmad and his clique must bear full responsibility and pay the price by resigning not only for his gross incompetence but for lying regarding the effectiveness of the indelible ink though it was pointed out to him in good time.

During the advance voters stage, the EC was duly alerted to the ink's failure by a number of voters.

But instead of conducting a proper examination of the complaints, Wan Ahmad dismissed it saying all that required was to shake the ink bottle before use. His claim was accepted at face value until it was disproved on election day proper.

Either Wan Ahmad was negligent for not acting effectively on the initial complaints or he had deliberately told a lie.

The indelible ink was introduced mainly to counter the unreliable electoral roll that enabled double voting and phantom voters, and therefore this fiasco raises serious questions regarding the integrity of GE13 and the complicity of the EC in this regard.

TehTarik: In spite of repeated calls by Bersih to reform the election process, Wan Ahmad and the EC did little.

He had nearly four years to clean the electoral roll but instead chose to do nothing. No attempt was made to remove deceased names from the rolls. Many were above 100 years old. No attempt was made to ensure that every name had a proper address.

The EC refused to investigate reports of blatant vote bribery. The indelible ink has been successfully used in many countries, including India and Indonesia. Yet the EC bungled and there were many reports of the ink being easily washable.

Until today, the EC has not been forthcoming on the ink ingredients. Instead it tried to cover the fiasco with words like 'halal' and 'carcinogens'.

Also, the EC has not given a plausible answer to the sudden surge of ‘postal voters' which was reported in many marginal seats. This occurred after the main counting was over.

It is the above evidence, rather than Wan Ahmad's words, that finally matter.

Anonymous_4196: It's not "someone" can wash off the indelible ink, it's just about everyone. When queried about it, EC can't even give one consistent answer.

On top of that, there are so many fraudulent complaints which EC didn't even show any interest to investigate. If you can't or won't do your job, you must resign.

Multi Racial: You failed and as far as majority of Malaysians are concern, we want you out as soon as possible. Not just you, the EC chairperson and the entire commission as well.

Pondering: Why can't the civil servants of our country understand that their salaries are paid by the rakyat and not the government of the day?

Blatantly lying without any remorse amounts to treason. Indeed, testing the patience and intelligence of the rakyat has its limits.

Dood: Yes, Wan Ahmad did do his job well. He ensured his party Umno won GE13 by hook or crook, which includes cheating and vote gerrymandering.

So why should he resign when he has fulfilled his so-called KPI (key performance indicators)?

Keturunan Malaysia: Wan Ahmad, you can't be more of an idiot than you already are. It is not for you (alone) to judge, but we the Malaysian voters (your employers) to judge whether you have done your job well enough.

Tuckfook: Such arrogance of the man. Non-performing indelible ink, lying about silver nitrate, dubious electoral rolls, etc, any single one of these issues is good enough reason to call for his resignation.

Sad Malaysian: If a key can open many locks, it's a master key... but if a lock is opened by many keys, it's a crap lock.
Wan Ahmad's hide is thicker than an elephant's

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